Thank you…

Thank you … for our lovely Zoom ❤️ tonight.

Thank you for your clarity…
Yes, to keep it very simple.

We will be able to nail it down!
Let’s talk again soon, and recap what we can agree upon and why:

  • I AM
  • I grew up into the belief that “I am body-mind” (born from below, knowing only what the senses report)
  • I lived as a mind-made self/person, assumed through thoughts and feelings.
  • Thoughts and feelings are from the past.
  • I know thoughts and feelings, they don’t know me.
  • There is a gap between “I am” and “body-mind”.
  • Mind only knows contrast, it cannot process the gap/inner-space.
  • I am not a thing.
  • I am Consciousness.
  • Consciousness is not affected by anything in the Universe.
  • Consciousness is that which reads these words.
  • Consciousness is that in which everything arises and subsides, the substance of everything.

// Blah blah? Let’s look together and cut away the fluff of empty words.

  • The sense of time is the product of thinking
  • The sense of space is the product of seeing.
  • Mind is content in/of Consciousness.
  • Mind is limited.
  • I am unlimited (simple exploration: do I detect any boundaries of the sense I am?


Why all this spiritual gymnastics?

Nonduality is a bunch of concepts to expose the lie of unhappiness.
At the core of unhappiness is an unaware belief: “I am the body-mind”

  • Suffering is self-entertained (
  • Suffering can stop through some basic explorations.
  • There is mental understanding and energetic dis-investing.
  • I am interested in practical peace, in daily living.
  • There are many forms of madness and imbalances.
  • I am not here to fix things, but to know myself.
  • “Know the truth and the truth will set you free.”
  • My happiness is not dependent on circumstances, on thoughts or feelings.
  • Peace is not a pleasure.

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom.”

I am aware of the “richness” of the assumed “me”… never-ending considerations and conclusions.

Mind is not a problem that mind needs to fix.

I don’t need to fix mind content but simply know who I am; playfully explore.
From here the love and wisdom flows.

Life is living life…
I shall not want… there isn’t really much that attracts me, that I lust after, besides clear seeing and sharing with a friend.

Lalaland or experience?

Practical peace of mind.

What a trap mind can be, especially a mind with noble intentions and a resistance towards embracing paradoxes; spiritual ego is the biggest?

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