Being Myself

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Being Myself – fear or love?

Being lived by life (love),
not driven by a personal “me” (fear, doubt, limitation).

How to embrace this placeless place, this feelingless feeling?

I am.


Inner space.


We can be guided, home:

Are you aware?

Relax attention into its source.

Be knowingly the presence of awareness.

Or by a meditation like this.

I am.

There is nothing to achieve or become, but seeing the gift of what IS.

On one level it is so super simple, effortless, natural.

Why all this struggle, the uncounted workshops, teachings, teachers, books and talks?

Is there an easier ‘way’?

How can we discover that we unknowingly create and defend our unhappiness?

Where does the suffering come in?

For decades there was this unexamined belief: I am this body-mind.

I identified as a separate-self, relying on thoughts and feelings to tell me who I am.

Assuming myself to be a personal doer I lived in the bubble of should, would and could… resulting in blame, shame, guilt, pride, worry, expectations and attachment to outcome.

Switching back, being myself?

Can you describe what you are exactly doing when riding i.e. a bike?

Is there a practice for being myself?
What are the traps of practice?

Are there any conditions for being myself?
Can I be myself better early in the morning, or during siesta, do I need to feel a certain way to be myself? What do I assume myself to be?

The thinking mind loves the idea of future happiness;
but expectation assumes/creates the absence of what is expected.

How to stop a mad dog chasing its own tale?

Being really with what is, here and now, was at one point extremely uncomfortable. It felt as if I had to betray myself.

What a tight space, this investment in body-mind, that assumed mind-made-self, the me.

What a humility to see that what I really longed for all those decades IS always here and now; “closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet”.

Gratitude beyond words, for Life, for friends that don’t judge by appearances; truth lovers.

Relaxed without being lazy:

Le hammock

The smooth criminal is my investment in a “me” that is only assumed.

“It takes a universe to make a sandwich.”

What do I really want?

Who am I?


Peace is not a pleasure, but simply the absence of agitation.

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