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Carmel Mission, California, 2006

“In contemplating our experience, we do not find such a thing as an ego.

We could use the term ego to refer to the sense of ‘me’, which is also referred to as the self. This sense of ‘me’ is experiential (as a feeling of localization and limitation).

Once we realize our true nature, this sense of ‘me’ (or self) expands and in this expansion, the borders dissolve. The experiential shift is from the limited/local sense of me to being/borderless awareness, impersonal and universal.

This is referred to as the realization of our true nature or the realization of the Self (Capital S).

The shift is from ‘I am somebody, I am a thing’ to ‘I am nobody and everybody, I am no-thing and everything’.”

Magdi Badawy commenting on “mechanism in the mechanism“.

Thank you for your sharing ❤️ very much appreciated.

What an amazing gift language is, and how confusing it can be depending on my conditioning and viewpoint.

Me, person, small-self, big-self, separate-self, ego, individualized consciousness, presence, consciousness, reality, absolute, awareness, world of ideas…
words are only pointers for fresh exploration.

Practical peace is my benchmark, released of the need to speculate about beyond the beyond 🌸

Sometimes it feels as if there is confetti in my head.
So precious to have friends who share the love for truth;
thank you for your time and openness!

I heard this concept: “ego is identification with a particular body mind organism and the name, as a separate entity”.

Until recently the word “ego” was for me more on the negative side of the spectrum.

// Sorry, I acknowledge that my replies are often unstructured and potentially violating basic academic standards (-;

It could be cool to have a glossary of basic words like love, investment, identity, thinking, feeling, belief, attention, happiness, synchronicity…
showcasing potentially varied definitions from different individuals.

In my current language iteration I use “me” as the one that is suggested by thinking/feeling and muscle-memory.

In contrast to “I am” – de-pressed from the limitations and burdens of believing to be a personal doer, a private entity.

“Me”, heavily invested in, and defined by circumstances in body-mind-world; happiness is derived from temporary pleasures, stillness is rather uncomfortable, perceived as a waste of time or even a threat.

“I am” not anymore driven by a sense of lack, not anymore eagerly trying to secure a fictitious mental self-image, but open as experiencing; guided by life. Happiness flows freely out from the causeless peace of being, not from fickle pleasures. There is a deep sense of fulfillment, of security.

Aware that the sense of time is produced by thinking and the sense of space from sensing, I am supported, but not impressed, by mental activity.

As a reference point, there is still an ego labeled Holger in a perceived world of name and form; not as a problem to be fixed, but as a mystery to be lived.

“Me”, seemingly shaped by 1,000s of years of conditioning;
“I am”, the open field of awareness, maintained and sustained by/as… Life/Love/Reality…

Foolish words of mine… shamelessly borrowing concepts from others; not a single word belongs to me.
Just as a playful exploration, beyond making sense.

Thank you for this moment 🙏 without attachment or expectation.

Holger Hubbs

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