Gangsta’s Paradise

“Tell me why are we so blind to see
That the ones we hurt are you and me?”

Lyrics from Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise (video at bottom of post).

To see in myself the root of all human misery, suffering, despair, quiet desperation, the never-ending hunger for more…

The person we believe ourself to be is imagined and misguided by excitement, by faulty thinking, by unexamined beliefs.

Hypnotized into overlooking awareness, we lived on behalf of dead thoughts and feelings from the past.

How to see beyond the veil of “me” (conditioning and muscle-memory)… How to bravely examine the nature of reality?

No more waiting, hoping, longing, believing…
but to embrace our unpretentious, natural happiness and fulfillment, here and now, again and again.

To learn how to ask practical freedom-questions: What do I assume myself to be? What is my inner bs-meter, what do I really want?

To see and release our misconceptions related to self-realization; to debunk our childhood fantasies regarding enlightenment and super powers, which we entertained to escape this deep inner uncomfortableness, the lie of unhappiness, the human condition.

So ridiculously amazing… once we see the game that made us live as sincere humble fools, as children in adult bodies; even spirituality is a (necessary) hoax, a precious gift to point us back to:
I simply am, I exist, but I am not a thing bound to time and space. I live as person, but not trapped in person.

It is not a private journey, but what we release in us is affects the whole organism of life. Priceless to have friends who share the in-team-a-see for love and truth… not some wishy-washy loveliness, but the bravery to allow the light of awareness to shine into all corners of daily living.

It is an effortless effort to rediscover that our true happiness is independent of circumstances.

We were not born to cry, but to celebrate life, to be practical, to share:

Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise (feat. L.V.) [Official Music Video]
Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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  1. thanks holger
    the self cannot be found in books
    you have to find it for yourself in your self
    be well

  2. Their dissatisfaction is clearly shown in the lyrics and the video produced. What a profound move on their part.
    Thanks for sharing this, Holger.
    See you in the Garden, picking and sniffing flowers while hearing the birds sing.

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