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Brother, sister, can we unlearn complicated words, so that everyone can understand?

Fresh words, playful, but sincere; risking to explore, to be open and vulnerable.

Please help me to clarify, to keep things as simple as possible; don’t just read this here as a passive consumer, but share your gift of mind and speech:

Is it a problem to be alive, or a precious gift and mystery?

Not to be afraid of words… a little gentle thinking can go a long way.
Instead of simply rushing along on behalf of the old “me”… maybe to slow down a bit, here and now.

How to speak in practical terms?

There is the suggestion that life is already whole and complete, worthy of our love and care; but that there is a subtle confusion in regard to our true nature as Aware Being – I am.

The confusion and lovelessness on this planet is not “normal” but the consequence of one unaware belief we innocently adopted early on.

Interestingly, a belief is just a belief… something we voluntarily/unawarely entertain in our mind, something that provides some form of comfort.

In our childishness we concluded ourself to be a separate person in a huge world of “other”; afraid to be diminished, hungry to be aggrandized.

Our way out of the mess is to bravely contemplate the nature of reality, to examine this core belief: “I am body-mind”.

Our person might rightfully protest: this thought is ridiculous, it doesn’t make sense; or sure, “me” is my body, my thoughts, my feelings, my memories, my pride and sentiment.

Thank you for pretending some openness; we have a deep intuition that life is more than what we think; that life is more than “this world” that appears on the screen of awareness, seemingly rendered through sense organs and some brain processing.

We could talk and read forever, without discovering how ignorance protects itself.

We have the gift of practically exploring ourself; to discern the “me” that thinking and feeling suggests, from “I am” – effortlessly open and unburdened, as the child of Reality/God.

How to become aware of the me-bubble that creates our unhappiness? How to progress spiritually, without strengthening ego, without dogmatism?

From within the me-bubble it seems natural to assume that our happiness is dependent on circumstances out “there”; upon closer examination – in the company of friends – we discover that the me-bubble itself is the source of all unhappiness, greed, injustice, war, exploitation we experience in this world.

When is enough enough?
How to wake up and embrace knowingly the gift of Life?

Not just mental acrobatics, but as a deep seeing of what is more real than the person we believe to be.

What were the misconceptions I entertained for 50+ years?

Words/concepts by themselves are only pointers; we give them life and meaning through practical application.

Lack or love?

Deep gratitude for Life, the Garden of Friends, Magdi, and everyone; I am waking up from the dream of “me” as an individual doer. All words are concessions… precious pointers… for living exploration. No excitement, no wow, no pride, no achievement, no super powers, but a priceless peace.


Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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  1. beautiful, beautiful! Thank you for the phrase “me-bubble”, so playful and true.

    And, I love that eventually all bubbles…..pop!

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