Keith Jarrett – The Köln Concert (1975)

Keith Jarrett – The Köln Concert (1975) FULL ALBUM Vinyl Rip

“I’ve listened to this album so many times over the years that I could be on a deserted island and be able to play every note in my head from memory. I’ll never get tired of hearing this.”

“As much as I appreciate the other artists who have interpreted Keith’s magical concert, there is nothing like Keith’s own performances. His grunts, his tapping the leg of the piano, his sheer intensity as he pours his full soul into interpreting this music is transcendental… Thanks for putting this up and thank you Keith for an absolutely brilliant piece of music; even a half century later it’s breathtaking”

“This concert is a unique masterpiece! Why? Because Keith had a very bad cold that night and he didn’t want to perform. The piano which was a Boesendorfer was out of tune in the mid section. But the concert promoter, an 18 year old girl insisted so much for Keith to play … there were 800 people in the audience. He agreed and this happened!”

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