Decisions, decisions, decisions!


Decisions, decisions, decisions! Aren’t they crossroads we always come to face and learn from?

Observing and including other people’s points of view, not having a chippy attitude, listening, and widening our hearts are just a few examples that come to mind, of coming at a crossroads in our lives.

Taking care of our personal needs indeed results in personal growth and well-being. But without weaving our lives with other people, can we really experience a capacity, beyond that we can imagine which makes us feel ourselves wholly / holly?


We know we have levels of intuitive, psychic, emotional, intellectual, and creative qualities that have hinted at us, wiring our inner and outer connections helping us make the decisions we take. Perhaps, when we are at our most natural state, life seems more giving and willing to be there for us. So, being ourselves naturally and with others helps us recognize how any crossroad we come to, is actually a gift in disguise.

What our future should entail, who we are, what brings us meaning and joy, if we live an honorable life or not, are all types of questions that the world demands from us, more than ever.

If we have life, we have a purpose. And what is happening of the world to the world is filtering into us psychically as much as we are filtering into it. It’s like entering a familiar world that is equally unfamiliar. Like being transparent as we are invisible.

Friends, let’s touch upon a few of these thoughts together, in silence and in presence, and share with each other, whatever comes to us, naturally.

Choosing to spend some time reading this, is a blessing to me. But also, what is expressed has to somehow matter to you, as it does to me, and hopefully, become a blessing to you, too.

Lots of gratitude and love, and to many more decisions and crossroads we may come to face and cross through!

In route,


See you soon,
Best & warm wishes,

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Sylvia Arkilanian

By Sylvia Arkilanian

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