Gratitude for such consideration

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Allen Wagner wrote:

Gratitude for such consideration
(Sylvia’s post).

I too would make an offering:

“Sharing the Resonance of Being: Mauro Bergonzi”

Bergonzi opens his presentation suggesting the underlying statement in “teaching” spirituality is, “…I have something you don’t have, but if you follow my teaching, sooner or later (sometimes if you buy my teaching, sooner or later) you will reach or attain what I have. … For me this is the essence of duality: separation, between who knows and who doesn’t know; separation, between wisdom and ignorance; separation, between awakening and not awakening.”  

Bergonzi then offers, “The communication that I’d like to share with you is different, it just points to another possibility: The unbelievable possibility, that you, exactly as you are now, with all your limitations and all your conditionings, can recognize, the simple fact that, what you are seeking is already here.”

and, dear One, you are that hear-ing in here-ing,

Holger Hubbs

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