The separate self (mind) is not an entity

ByByHolger HubbsJul 30, 2021
“…it is an activity: the activity of resisting what is present and seeking what is not present.” Read More

Priyam Saini

ByByPriyam SainiJul 29, 2021
Painter, Art Lover, Human Being I am a visual artist exploring mediums and states of consciousness. I live and work in Rishikesh, India. Explore to my Portfolio. Read More


ByByHolger HubbsJul 29, 2021
“Pleasure is only a false image of joy. It is beautiful, but it is just a reflection.” Read More

Holger Hubbs

ByByHolger HubbsJul 28, 2021
Greetings from Califonia, please don’t hesitate to email me regarding or Read More


ByByPriyam SainiJul 28, 2021
“To love is to recognize yourself in another.” Read More

About This Website

ByByHolger HubbsJul 28, 2021
This simple website is intended as a public space for the Read More

To One and Many Other Lives

ByBySylvia ArkilanianFeb 28, 2021
Writing is happening, There is really not much thinking… Read More